Friday, March 29, 2013

Chapter 10: Promoting Success for All Students through Technology

Focus Question: How can teachers use technology to create universally designed classrooms?

Teachers have mostly full range in their classroom. They are allowed to decide how the classroom is set up and seating arrangements, as well as the diversity in teaching lessons. All of these settings and aspects of the classroom can be changed or redesigned in order for the needs of all students are met. The main two structures of the classroom are the physical and the academic curriculum, both of these can be tailored by the teacher to what they see as best fit. This is done with 3 level of using technology: The first level is “Low Tech,” meaning making changes in the classroom that are simply and inexpensive as well as not incorporating any technology or electronic materials. The second level is “Mid Tech,” were the teacher makes a significant change in academic curriculum through the use of technology. The third level is “High Tech,” where the teacher changes the curriculum and physical structure of the classroom with the use of many different technologies.

Tech Tool: 10.1 Extra-Large and Online Calculators

I thought this tech tool was really interesting because the calculator the talk about is something that is going to grab the attention and interest of any student. It is also useful because of its size that visually impaired students are able to use it as well, making them feel a part of the group and not left out. Because of its size students are going to remember better because it is such a “big” deal. But now more and more teachers are pulling up calculators that can be placed onto a smartboard screen or on a projector for the whole class to see, the individual calculators give the students the chance to experience it individually.


Summary and Connection:

I thought this chapter was very helpful in understanding all of the different ways you can change and redesign your classroom in order to accommodate all students as well as keep it an interesting and fun environment. I plan as a teacher letting student’s use to full advantage the smartboard letting them physically come up drag and drop and answer. I really have the hope that my students will be aware and acknowledgeable about the different technologies that I will use in my lessons.
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  1. Sounds like you are off to a great start in utilizing DI technology tools for all students! You will want to keep up with the newest technologies, as well - they just keep on getting more interesting! :)