Friday, March 15, 2013

Chapter 8: Communicating and Networking with Websites, Blogs, Wikis, and More

Chapter 8: Communicating and Networking with Websites, Blogs, Wikis, and More


Focus Question: How can teachers use wikis to promote collaborative learning?

Wikis came about in the 1990’s and have revolutionized the online learning strategies. Rather than teachers having to create fun lessons and project ideas by themselves wikis allow an opportunity to allow teachers to search other wikis and as well receive feedback and on their wikis. Wiki also provides other to change and update their ideas onto a wiki. This creates a corroborative learning environment, not only are multiple teachers involved in creating a wiki but students also get to interact with other students in order to complete the lesson provided by the wiki. It provides a collaborative effort for learning and working together in order to accomplish something. Also wikis provide a collaborative lesson for the teacher and students in order to work together.


Tech Tool 8.1: Teacher Website and Blog-building Resources

I think if I were to use a Commercially Available Template in my classroom it would be extremely beneficial and safe for myself and my students. I would be able to produce blogs and sites my students could access for lessons and project plans, ideas, and resources for help with projects and further understanding for lessons and projects. Task stream seems like an easily understandable website to maneuver.     

Summary and Connection:

Wikis and teacher blogs would definitely something I would use in my classroom in the future. Not only are they helpful for teachers, and allow other teachers and professionals to give input but, but it also provides a fun and collaborative way for students to work together and more importantly learn in a fun way.


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  1. Wikis are a great way to collaborate asynchronously with people all over the world, which extends the classroom walls considerably. :) Don't forget to hyperlink often, especially the Tech Tool so your readers have the opportunity to go to the website that you are writing about.