Friday, March 1, 2013

Chapter 7: Problem Solving and Inquiry Learning with Software and Web Tools

Focus Question: How can teachers use computer games and simulation as learning resources?

Being a kid is all about having fun right? And when kids want to have fun they play games, whether that be a board game, a game they make up or a game using a technology source, kids love playing games. So why not bring games and simulations into the learning place. By students playing computer games and using different simulations it teaches them a few things: it teaches them to follow rules, how to recognize and achieve goals, how to handle and manage competition as well as the objective of the lesson the game would support. By using games in the classroom it provides the teacher and students with fun interactive reinforcements of a specific lesson. Although allowing games to be played in the learning place is a much debated topic, I think it were we are in the generation of students and technology. Games and computers are the main interests of kids, and if used properly in the classroom I don’t see the problem with it, it is more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

Tech Tool: 7.2- A Math Learning Game- Zoombinis Logical Journey

This tech tool provides a great example of a fun interactive educational game, Zoombinis Logical Journey. The game includes a variety of made up, interesting creatures that are designed with crazy fun colors in which the player can create. The Zoombinis are residents of a community that are taken over by bad business people and become enslaved; in order for the Zoombinis to escape they must go through a series of obstacles, which are critical thinking and mathematic questions. This game unfortunately is not free, but is an example of a great educational game for elementary education. This a link to an introduction video to the game:

Summary and Connection:

I believe that the generation of kids and students that are in and coming into the schools become bored much easier than when I was a child or student. Therefore when I become a teacher I want my students to be intrigued and excited about coming to my classroom and computer games and simulations will help me do that. Not only is it fun for the students but it will reinforce what I have taught or what we may be covering in class. My class will be full of interactive games, technology based and team work based games. 

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  1. Gaming is definitely controversial, but it will likely find its place in the classroom especially as more 'serious' games get created. There is so much learning that can be accomplished in games! :)

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