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Chapter 11: Engaging Teachers and Students in Learning and Self-Reflection

Chapter 11: Engaging Teachers and Students in Learning and Self-Reflection

Focus Question:
How can students become actively involved in assessment and evaluation using technology?

One way to keep students actively involved is by allowing them to work with the teacher in a way that allows them to have a say in how they learn and are evaluated. You can provide the students with online surveys in order to pre-assess their knowledge, in order to see where each student stands on the topic. Also by allowing students to work with one another in groups in order to come to conclusions and make decisions. Having a student self reflect on their work or the lesson, as well as allowing the student to assess themselves along with their classmates, peer assessment.

Tech Tool: 11.2: Online Survey Building Resources

Zoomerang and Surveymonkey may not be websites we hear of or access on a day to day basis. Yet, when trying to come up with a poll or survey you may want to use in your classroom in order to provide a pre-assessment for your students these websites provide you with that opportunity. On these websites you can search for a specific poll or even create your own. These are very good resources to allow your students to incorporate technology into their assessments. Below is a sample of a survey provided through the program of Survey Monkey.

Summary & Connection:

I believe the best classroom is built off of teamwork. I think the teacher and students should work together in deciding what will work best in the class, and allow the students to achieve their full potential, while it is known that the teacher still holds control. I hope to have a classroom that my students feel I allow them and provide them a great and fun environment to succeed and I think through allowing the student to have a say in how they learn is an important aspect to teaching and learning.

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